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Karine Bartle

The Crucial Role of Logistics in Construction Projects – how good are yours?

With costs of logistics estimated to be up to 6% of total project costs (EY 2022) coupled with the inherent risk of poor logistics (delays, changes, penalties, injury etc.) is there a need to focus more of our attention on good logistics? 

In her blog, Karine Bartle, SECBE Board member and Head of Development for Infrastructure Logistics at Wincanton, reveals that getting logistics right isn't just about moving construction materials — it supports all project’s efforts, innovations, and success. 

Keith Heard

Redefining Collaboration

Keith Heard, SECBE board member and Chairman of the National Association of Construction Frameworks, shares his insights on Integration and Collaborative Working in construction.

Keith, SECBE and NACF totally believe true collaboration and integration by all project partners consistently delivers greater and sustained success for all than any other approach - and it's far more enjoyable for all.

Here's what he says.....

Ellie Carswell

The Skills Crisis: How Can We Overcome It? 

Ellie Carswell, the winner of the Constructing Excellence SECBE G4C Future Leader Award in 2022, joined the SECBE Board to contribute to the organisation’s vision of fostering a supportive environment for new talents in the sector. Not only is she an accomplished professional but also an advocate of the diverse range of opportunities within the construction industry on a mission to inspire the next generation of construction professionals.

Explore Ellie's vision as she discusses nurturing new talents to close the gap, the values of Generation Z, and potential solutions.

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