Blog: SECBE Awards 2022 finalist - PLUS by OnSite Support

12 April 2022

Innovation sponsored by RIFT

PLUS by OnSite Support (submitted by OnSite Support Ltd) 

Innovation Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2022 finalist

OnSite Support is the leading national provider of safety, welfare and site equipment for the construction industry. The company helps its clients to deliver positive change in construction, by driving digital growth, cultivating an innovative ethos, providing sustainable solutions, and promoting respect for diversity in an age of global community. In doing this, OnSite Support works with its clients to establish a solution that’s unique to them, helping them to maintain safe, productive sites, and enabling their businesses to profit and grow.

OnSite Support has broken new ground with an innovative service model that supports clients while ensuring resources are deployed effectively and efficiently, and enhanced client reporting to help continuous improvement and optimisation of programmes.

At the heart of its added value is the constantly developing PLUS programme launched after 2 years of research. PLUS, which focuses on Purchasing, Logistics, Usability and Sustainability, leads the construction industry and demonstrates the company's long-standing leadership and commitment to sustainability by collecting and reporting on granular data to allow analysis and insights into client and industry-wide inefficiencies in ordering and delivery processes.

Through the PLUS programme, OnSite Support is able to support reduced emissions and organisational aspirations by providing clear, auditable and robust site by site data and insights into product usage, which enables its clients to understand cost in use on ranges and allows them to look for greener alternatives. Additionally OnSite Support uses this data to support its client’s green credentials, and prove changes in behaviour that evidences working towards a circular economy and a more sustainable approach to construction, ultimately saving the clients money.

Through OnSite Support's data insight platform, PLUS, the company encourages its customers to optimise delivery schedules, which will not only reduce carbon emissions and vehicular movements to sites but will also reduce their order processing costs and improve overall operational efficiency. OnSite Support is also able to measure the packaging coming to a particular site, to understand how it can reduce this, alongside its excellent PPE & Packaging Recycling Scheme. This uniquely uses big data to capture details of the clients' ordering and usage habits providing suggestions on how to better reach their corporate sustainability goals with their clients and stakeholders.

OnSite Support's PLUS programme allows continuous improvement of areas such as:

• Reduction in CO2 emissions
• Reducing order processing costs
• Enabling PPE or consumable consistency and standardisation and consistency across sites
• Ensuring corporate branding protection and consistency
• Plastic packaging reduction and environmentally friendly product alternatives
• PPE and packaging recycling, including 100% diversion from landfill

An example of this in action is the removal and recycling of all plastic packaging for a key client prior to delivery. This collaborative approach helps OnSite Support's clients reduce the number of deliveries, further reducing cost and carbon emissions. The company projects to help save ~600 metric tonnes of CO2 for its customers by enabling them to optimize their orders and deliveries. OnSite Support is passionate about working with its clients on case studies for this innovative new way of using data to help them procure more sustainably.

Key achievements:

  • Implementing data technology and tools to further enable customized reporting so clients can change behaviours so they can make sustainable choices to save money.

  • Allowing clients to tap into OnSite Support's deep expertise to further enhance their own procurement programs and or use the data available through PLUS to give the company's clients the ability to execute continuous improvement in their procurement process and sustainability objectives.

  • Developing a program that is industry-leading and can be replicated in other areas of the company's client’s supply chains (outside PPE & Consumables) through collaboration.

Client: Willmott Dixon Construction

Project Partners: OnSite Support

Find out who wins at the Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2022 Ceremony on Thurs 30th June 2022.

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About the Innovation Award (sponsored by RIFT): 

Innovation is widely recognised as the critical factor for increased and sustained productivity and growth. It demonstrates an organisation’s confidence, capacity and appetite for improved performance and productivity gains. Innovation is most effective as a holistic approach that identifies both demand and ideas and is most successful when supported by collaboration between customers and the supply chain. More info.

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