Blog: SECBE Awards 2022 finalist - Integrated Operational Performance Team and System (MBuild)

07 April 2022

Integration & Collaborative Working sponsored by Swegon

Photo: Auriens Chelsea. Multiplex used MBuild to deliver the luxury later living scheme in Chelsea, London.

Integrated Operational Performance Team and System (MBuild) (submitted by Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd)

Integration & Collaborative Working Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2022 finalist

As a Tier 1 Contractor operating within the UK and globally, Multiplex understands the importance of Integration & Collaborative Working and believe that it is the fundamental driver of positive change at an organisational level and within the wider construction industry; and is demonstrated through targeted business processes, performance evaluation, strong working relationships and early involvement.

As each of these is applicable throughout all stages of construction (Work Winning, Pre-Construction/Letting, Construction, Handover & Post-Completion) and for business improvement, Multiplex has taken a huge step to stand out from its competitors in developing an agile working Quality Team whose purpose is to drive integration and collaborative working within the business in order to achieve greater operational efficiency and further improve Stakeholder experience. 

The Quality Team at Multiplex works across all projects at each phase, has direct contact with each of the major Stakeholders, and contributes towards organisational integration through providing the crucial internal link between project teams focusing on the delivery of individual large packages. The team is focus-driven and concentrates on identifying the need for and developing internal processes which are implemented business-wide to drive strategic decisions and improve operational performance.

The Quality Team is the information hub at the centre of the organisation and has allocated significant resource into further utilising the benefits of internal collaboration through the development of its in-house Construction Operation, Delivery and Performance System (MBuild). The software is a result of collaborative working within Multiplex between the Quality, Construction, Commercial, Design, Digital, Sustainability and Handover & Post Completions teams; with continual feedback from Multiplex managers, Consultants, Clients and Sub-Contractors enabling MBuild to be developed to such a stage that it is being utilised to improve operational efficiency across all projects through the following capabilities:

- Rework Management: Raising and resolving of Sub-Contractor rework items.
- Rework Mitigation: High risk, specific Package Activity related ‘Quality Critical Checks’ (e.g. Tiling, Plasterboard) carried out by Multiplex managers to identify rework earlier and progressively during onsite construction.
- Rework Forecasting: Project specific rework projections based on rework frequency and project complexity.
- Quality Issue* Management and Post-Completion Defect Management for Consultants/Clients.
- Construction Package Handovers: Integrated O&M’s specifically developed for Sub-Contractors & Clients.
- Automated Consultant and Client Inspection Reporting/Scheduling.
- Automated Data Collection & Reporting/Dashboarding.
- Consultant and Client Formal Inspection Management utilising MBuild.

The software has been developed with the end user in mind and aims to further drive collaborative working through connecting with all Stakeholders and each level of the Supply Chain through one simple workflow.

As a result of the successful implementation and uptake of MBuild, Multiplex are able to identify areas and works activities of historically poor performance which pose a risk to the business and as such create new operational processes and guide resourcing to mitigate these issues going forward. This is done with trend analysis, which is carried out on operational performance data captured within MBuild. These internal aspects have improved interaction and satisfaction of the Client, Consultant and Supply Chain.

Key achievements:

  • The development of the rigid structure of the Quality Team at Multiplex and its specific focus on collaborative working has enabled the establishment of key operational processes and rework mitigation procedures to be developed and implemented across all projects within Multiplex, providing consistency to the Stakeholders and Supply Chain it works with.

  • The collaborative working effort demonstrated by Multiplex both internally across several departments/project teams and externally with key Stakeholders has enabled for the development and refinement of MBuild throughout 2021. As a construction company, not a software development company, Multiplex has created a Construction Operation, Delivery and Performance system used by over 800 individuals across all 16 Multiplex projects which is already proving to have a positive impact on operational performance and increased quality of construction.

  • As a direct result of the successful uptake of MBuild, Multiplex have access to bespoke project data collected in the system which is being used to further refine Client experience through reducing the amount of rework at Practical Completion and providing one seamless platform for whole project visibility and the handover process. Key elements focusing on refining Client experience include rework mitigation with progressive site-based quality checks, rework forecast and projection, and purpose built handover modules designed specifically for the Client.

Client: Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd

Find out who wins at the Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2022 Ceremony on Thurs 30th June 2022.

About the Integration & Collaborative Working Award (sponsored by Swegon): 

Collaborative working is central to the core values of Constructing Excellence and its drive for positive change in construction.  It is most likely to manifest in the delivery of specific projects, however those who can demonstrate a culture across a series or programme of projects show leadership in a sustained approach.  Integration of the supply chain, the client and end users will normally lead to a better outcome satisfying all stakeholders. More info

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