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01 April 2022

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion sponsored by Faithful + Gould

Danny Sullivan Group Ltd 

EDI Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2022 Finalist

The Danny Sullivan Group has been providing trades and labour to the construction industry for over 30 years with a group turnover of £92 million and over 1,800 dedicated staff.

Its combined Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and Fair, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) policy is fully Equality Act 2010 compliant.

The company was the first labour supply in the UK to have achieved CITB Be FAIR accreditation. Not only do DSG maintain a culture of fairness, inclusion and respect across its diverse workforce, the company also wants to attract more people into the industry and retain a skilled workforce to deliver project goals.

DSG have internally published a 3-year FIR Strategic plan (2022 – 2025) which has been approved by the DSG Executive Board.

In 2021 DSG published its Workforce Strategy focusing on 4 key themes: designing the workforce, enabling the workforce, strengthening the workforce and keeping connected. DSG has created bespoke EDI/ FIR learning pathways in collaboration with the Supply Chain Sustainability.

Since partnering with Kath Moore’s initiative ‘Women into Construction’ in 2017 DSG have continued to support women in the industry by providing training and sustainable employment opportunities across its organisation.

DSG continues to support a range of key FIR awareness initiatives including LGBTQ+, Mental Health Awareness Day, National Inclusion Week, Wellness Months and Black Lives Matter.

DSG EDI/ FIR policies are embedded across the business and annually reviewed and published

Since becoming signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant in 2018 our commitment to ex- armed forces and reservists was recognised with a silver award the official ceremony in 2021.

DSG were a founding partner of the West Midlands Construction Prison Academy and continues to lead on ex-offender programmes in construction. Such programmes help reintegrate people back into the community by giving them a second chance to gain experience and employment.

DSG forged close relationships with regional and national organisations that engage with underrepresented groups, such as Hillingdon Autism Care and Support charity (HACS), Serious About Youth (SAY), Crisis, Bounce Back, Buses for Homeless, Bright Futures, YMCA, C4WS, Workforce Integration Network, Refugee Employment Network.

Throughout the last 12 months, we successfully invested £306,284 into developing our employees’ careers and skills.

Key achievements:

  • We were the 1st UK Labour supplier to achieve the CITB Be Fair accreditation and will be the first UK company to achieve the Supply Chain Sustainability School Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Accreditation.

  • We provide our employees with a suite of bespoke E-Learning material for both project specific and DSG centric pathways coordinated through the Supply Chain Sustainability School (through which DSG has Gold Membership). Every worker is sent a link and instruction to complete the training at induction, we then receive a report of completed pathways from Supply Chain Sustainability School. This method was adopted by HS2 and implemented across their site projects at SCS with every employee across the project now undertaking EDI training at induction stage.

  • Alongside our commitment to recognise and celebrate key dates in the ‘FIR’ Calendar, such as London Pride, International Women’s Day and Mental Health Awareness day, our Strategic plan contains our KPIs for several protected characteristics. This includes increasing our number of women employees on site, maintaining our high percentage of apprentices and dedicating a budget to our FIR related activities.
    Throughout the last 12 months, we successfully invested £306,284 into developing our employees’ careers and skills.
    This spend comprised of:
    • 220+ NVQ’s in various levels and trades
    • 840+ Industry Accredited Short Course Bookings
    • 9 New Start Apprenticeships
    • 12 Apprenticeship Completions
    • 3 New Enrolments on our bespoke Supervisor Development Programme

Find out who wins at the Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2022 Ceremony on Thurs 30th June 2022.

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